Where can you do Kitesurf?

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The spot is in Licata, on the Southern coast of Sicily, 500 mt from the Castle of Falconara.
Entrance from the b&b Licata.

This spot offers a big golden beach, framed with Carrebean palms and wide spaces for take-off and landing maneuvers.

Here we’ll be able to work with the west wind, libeccio, and mistral.

Available accommodation beachfront.

  The spot is 10km away from Mazara del Vallo, near Capo Granitola, and Kartibubbo village.

Spot wave par excellence during autumn, winter, and spring. 
High wave with mistral, suitable for experienced riders

Accommodation available upon request.

 In Mazara Del Vallo, on the Fata Morgana promenade, extends a wide beach, 3km long. 

From spring till all June it works well with sirocco winds, and in summer with thermal mistral winds. 

Easy and secure spot, with no wave, even with strong wind. 
The beach can be very crowded during summer, so you can only practice here with Kite Trip Sicily.

Accommodation available upon request.

Only 3 km west from Mazara, inside a natural reserve, we’ll find a spot with plain clear water, and a wonderful beach, wild and uncontaminated.

It works with mistral wind for the whole summer.
The sand and a morbid layer of dry seagrass make the spot safe and comfortable for kiters.

Kite Trip Sicilia will take you to a secret spot!


The amazing sea lagoon of the Stagnone is located North of Marsala.
This spot is considered the kitesurf gym par excellence.
It offers 10km2 of plain water, never deeper than 1,5 meters, embraced by strips of land that make this spot safe and viable with all the winds.

Kite Trip Sicilia will welcome you into a wonderful kite surf school, complete with all the comforts!

From a soft lawn for your kites to a bar, showers, locker rooms, and various services, in paradise for beginners and freestylers.

 Near Solanto, on the north-west coast. the beautiful beach of San Vito lo capo
offers suggestive scenarios for a spot that works with the east wind and west wind. 

Sandy seabed and wave with strong wind, viable from March to May.

Kite Trip Sicilia will make you discover this paradise before the beginning of the bathing season, away from the crowd of bathers on the beach.

A few kilometers away from Palermo, a beach of fine sand and limpid water,
viable only in winter with east winds, mistral, and Tramontane, with strong wind medium waves.

Kite Trip Sicilia organizes lessons and visits, with possible guided tours in the wonderful town of Palermo.

On the north coast, about 7k from the famous town of Ceflaù
the immense beach of Salinelle offers a safe spot, ideal for the first approaches with the sea.

This spot works with the east wind, generally of thermal origin, from April to October.

 Kite Trip Sicilia will guide you through your first experience with kite!

Wave spot, 10km north of Marsala, works with mistral.

The launch site is limited to the rocky part on the right side of the beach.

Kite Trip Sicilia, given the proximity to the rocks and the size of the waves,  recommends this spot only to experienced kiters!

Only 10 km away from Palermo, Kite Trip Sicilia will lead you in the vast beach of Isola delle Femmine, which offers wide spaces and comforts for the riders.

It works with west wind, mistral, Tramontane, and north east wind.

The gulf’s conformation, in presence of strong winds, generates high waves, making this spot challenging

The spot is near the Balestrate area, on the north west coast.

Kite Trip Sicilia will assist you in an enchanting gulf, reached by the Tramontane wind, that will serve as a background for a peaceful navigation towards the coast of Città del Mare resort.

Chop max 50cm even with strong winds.

On the south coast,  near Ribera, Seccagrande
offers an easy access for kitesurfing. 

It works with sirocco, ostro, libeccio, and west winds.

Kite Trip Sicilia organizes sessions within the day.