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Kitesurf even during Corona Virus times? Here’s why we say YES!

Many times people have asked us if it’s possible, or better, how is it possible to practice kitesurf even in these pandemic containment times.

Let’s start by saying that Kitesurf is an individual sport, in the open air, that requires a safety distancing of more than 40 meters between the riders. This is one of the reasons why we can follow, with absolute certainty, the precautionary indications to contain covid. 

We put our maximum attention on the moments we spend on the beach, where the large spaces, needed for this kind of sport, make social distancing even easier.

As to our courses, our instructors, trained and certified by the most important sports associations, follow a protocol that makes lessons safe to attend. Factors like wind, the water of the sea, the position of the instructor and the student, the attention to the distancing, guarantee the safety of all the participants. 

We are used to keeping the highest levels of attention, for the security of our students and we’ll keep up with all the precautions in order to contrast the spreading of the virus.

What else is there to say? Let’s enjoy Summer in the best and safest way possible!
Keep calm and pratice kitesurf!