What is Kite Surf? In one word: freedom!
Sea, wind, and freedom
are the main ingredients for a discipline that anyone can approach!


Why choose Kite Trip Sicilia? Because we’ll know how to guide you, step by step, whether you are a beginner or an experienced kiter! 


And then, let’s say it, Sicily offers some of the most suggestive panoramasof the Mediterranean! Don’t miss the chance to follow the wind and discover wonderful places.


Together, to the rhythm of the waves.

GiampaoloCEO & Founder - Kite Trip Sicilia

Floating between the sea and the wind, a unique experience that captured us and brought us together!
Our mission? Spread the beauty of this sport to the whole world!
We want to make this experience safe and accessible to anyone.
There’s no better reward than the smiles and the joy of each of our students!

GaioCEO & Founder - Kite Trip Sicilia

The sun, the sea, the wind, are our background, and we play with them, coloring the sky with our kites.
We’d love to lead you in this fantastic experience, not just imagining it, but living it! 

Will you be our next instructor?